Liven Up Class with a Grammar Auction!

Grammar Auction Cover (3)One of the classes I am currently teaching has been an absolute joy to teach. Each and every student has a enthusiastic attitude toward learning, and they all help one another to make sure no one feels left behind. As a teacher, I can’t even begin to tell you how motivating it is to walk into a class that has such a determination to learn. However, when grammar enters into this classroom, my lovely students become almost immediately frustrated despite wanting to learn more. One reason for this is the fact that many of them haven’t been in a “traditional” grammar classroom since they were in primary school. For others, they have never taken a more formalized grammar course. In addition to these issues, it doesn’t help that grammar lessons are often full of metalanguage.

To make grammar a bit more lively, I decided to have a grammar auction this week to review some grammar points we have been focusing on in class. Grammar auctions (also known as sentence auctions) are fairly common in the ESL teaching world, but I am not certain about their popularity in K-12.

For those of you who would like to give a grammar auction a try in your own class, I made a video to give you a quick overview and help you get started.

(FYI: In the video, I state that I only had $300, but that is incorrect. I had enough money for 6 groups to have $300 each. Whoops!)

Want to have your own grammar auction?

Here is a link to the Google Doc template I created. Feel free to make a copy and adapt however you’d like. Let me know if you have your own grammar auction! I would love to hear how it goes! Also check out this link to my free TpT resource for having your own grammar auction; there are a few additional docs and links on this document to have a look at.

Grammar Auction in Action

Here are some photos and videos from this week’s auction. I was too busy being the auctioneer during the actual bidding, so these photos and videos are during the steps before the auction begins. I’m dying at my two crowned Grammar Kings in the last photo. Note that one of them wore his crown all day, proving that adults like to have fun, too!

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