ESL Sample Materials

In the categories below you can find examples of the types of activities, projects, and assessments I use in my classroom. 

ESL Syllabi

The first day of classes is often skipped because professors only go over the syllabus. The fact that students don’t realize a syllabus’s importance correlates with the fact that syllabi are often skipped over until an instructor asks a student to refer to it. There has been a lot of buzz on how we can get … Continue reading ESL Syllabi

Units, Lesson Plans, & Assignments

I have organized this section of my portfolio into individual lesson plans, over-the-session projects, and individual assignments. Please look around!

Tests & Quizzes

Have a look at some of the original tests and/or quizzes I’ve created for my classes. Advanced II Grammar Final Exam: I love making grammar exams and believe that they should include a vast array of question types, including those where students must produce the target structures. I often use story boards on my tests (see … Continue reading Tests & Quizzes