Over-the-Session Projects/Assignments

Examples of different projects or assignments I have done that extend over an entire session. The three I have highlighted here are listed below. For each, I have included guidelines and student examples. 

  1. Academic Reading Circles
  2. Extensive Listening Portfolios
  3. Podcast Assignment

Extended Listening Portfolios

Extended Listening Portfolios are an idea that I created when trying to figure out a way for students to listen to vast amount of English outside of their textbook whilst also keeping them engaged. The gist is that Netflix (or any other streaming service) becomes a required “text” for the course, and as a class … Continue reading Extended Listening Portfolios

Academic Reading Circles

Problem: Students struggle to engage with academic readings for way to many reasons to list, but to name a few: specialized or unknown vocab, length, unknown cultural context and background knowledge, difficult grammar structures, and many others. Then, after all of these issues, we expect students to be able to make connections, participate in discussions, and … Continue reading Academic Reading Circles

Podcast Assignment

In order to help students focus on their pronunciation and speech, in higher-level listening and speaking courses I created a session-long podcast project. This assignment takes learning beyond the classroom and integrated students’ interests while developing advanced level listening and speaking skills. Below you will find step-by-step scaffolded lessons, including exercises, guidelines, and rubrics that … Continue reading Podcast Assignment