Podcast Assignment

In order to help students focus on their pronunciation and speech, in higher-level listening and speaking courses I created a session-long podcast project. This assignment takes learning beyond the classroom and integrated students’ interests while developing advanced level listening and speaking skills. Below you will find step-by-step scaffolded lessons, including exercises, guidelines, and rubrics that I use in my own classroom. At the end of this project, not only have students increased the aforementioned listening/speaking objectives but also have utilized a complex recording program (i.e. Audacity) that they may use on their resume.

Please listen to a few student examples! Thank you to my former students who graciously allowed me to make them famous in my portfolio.

1. Podcasting Introduction

I introduce the assignment using the slides below, which also gives students ample opportunities for listening practice. While watching the video on slide 2, students are expected to take notes and then speak with a partner to negotiate what they believe a podcast is. This slideshow specifically: (1) introduces students to the medium; (2) goes … Continue reading 1. Podcasting Introduction

2. Podcast Planning Exercise

This exercise introduces students to the podcast medium, asking them to: (1) analyze the composition of three podcasts; (2) synthesize features of good podcasts; (3) brainstorm ideas for their own podcast; and (4) practice and reflect on using their voice to convey emotion and ideas.

4. Podcast Planning Guide

This planning guide asks students to consider what type of podcast they want to create, and how they could present the information to an audience. It asks them to: (1) Find a model podcast (2) Identify the purpose of their podcast (3) Get feedback from others (4) Conduct research (5) Use critical thinking skills to make … Continue reading 4. Podcast Planning Guide

5. The Nuts & Bolts of Creating a Podcast

This is a list of links and resources I share with students to consult when creating their podcast, but this list usually isn’t enough. I always hold a “Podcasting Workshop,” asking students to bring in their own devices to ensure students are comfortable using the software. (Pizza helps, too). 

Student Podcast Examples

These podcasts were created by students in the highest level of our intensive English program.  Mouth Health Facts Fast & Furious Movie Review

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