Conference Presentations & Workshops

“Using Interactive Visualizations of Instructor Evaluation Data for Decision-Making in IEPs”

In this presentation, Laura Ray and I demonstrated how a program like Tableau can help IEP program administrators uncover, identify, and understand patterns and trends in student feedback that is provided via instructor evaluation forms to make data-driven program decisions to improve both teaching and learning.

Presentation Abstract:

With declining enrollments in intensive English programs (IEPs) being an increasing concern in many higher education institutions, administrators and faculty alike are under pressure to quickly and efficiently identify aspects of their programs and pedagogical methods and materials that are either successful or in need of improvement. Many programs provide their students with the opportunity to make their diverse voices heard through instructor evaluation forms at the end of each session or semester. The purpose of this session is to demonstrate how Tableau, a powerful interactive data visualization tool with widespread use in business intelligence contexts, can help IEP program administrators uncover, identify, and understand patterns and trends in the student feedback, which will in turn provide them with the ability to make data-driven decisions that can be applied to curriculum and assessment initiatives as well as materials selection and professional development needs for faculty, thus making their programs more sustainable in an increasingly competitive market.


At the end of each fall and spring semester, the English language program where I work has “Curriculum Development Week,” where all instructors and administrators share ideas and concerns and work on improving our program. This presentation focused on implementing scaffolded academic conversations by explicitly teaching students how to have discussions whilst also providing teachers tools to execute and assess them.

WATESOL 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE (Rockville, Maryland)
My colleague Adam Hembree and I presented at WATESOL’s Annual Conference in Rockville, Maryland. Our presentation focused on using Google Drive, specifically Google Docs, as an all-inclusive, interactive calendar. Below you will find links to an example class schedule and calendar templates

VATESOL 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE (Farmville, Virginia)
My colleague Kathy Moulton and I presented at VATESOL’s Annual Conference at Longwood University. Our presentation presented useful, targeted activities for the ESL grammar class that could be used immediately. Below you will find a link to the bank of supplemental grammar activities we either created and/or adapted. If you use any of the materials, we’d love to hear how it went! Note that we also presented this presentation at the 2014 VATESOL Middle Virginia Conference at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia.


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