Student Testimonials

On this page you will find a number of student testimonials about my teaching. Although I did ask these students if they would write something about my teaching, I did not edit or give them any direction regarding content. 

Mohammed Alqawba“When I first came to the ELC, my biggest goal was to finish the program in less than a year albeit I started at the basic level. Without Ann’s tips, I am sure I would not accomplish that goal.

Her teaching approach, the interesting way she manages the class and the non-traditional and modern assignments she gave us, made me desirous to come to the class every day.

I never felt bored in her classes because in every single day we learn something new in a new way. She smartly knows how to function the technology in the class in a way we never felt bored with. For instance, when we were learning a new word, she played a scene from a well known movie or a TV show the actor uses the word in it in a way we would never forget the word we just learned (It is funny every time I use the word concur I remember Leonardo Dicaprio saying it in one of the scenes Ann played to us in the class) and the word concur was one of tons of words I learned in Ann’s class.

Perhaps many students agree with me that doing homework is the worst thing we do in the learning process, but with Ann’s various and practical assignments doing the homework was one of the interesting things in the learning process. For example, she gave us a list of well-known journals like The Atlantic and The New Yorker, and she asked us to read one article we choose form these journals and write a summary about it and share the summary in the blackboard with the other classmates. It was one of the most beneficial assignments I experiment that helped me developed my reading and writing skills, and until the present day I always encourage my friends to do the same if they really want to accelerate their English learning process.

Finally, Ann is one of few teachers that my classmates concur on, she is a great teacher in and out of the classroom, and even after I left the ELC, I still contact her because she is on THE LIST of my favorite teachers that includes the ones whom I loved since I was in the elementary school.” –Mohammed Alqawba, Statistics Master’s Student (Course: GRE Preparation)

“I am originally from Saudi Arabia and I came to the USA to earn a master’s degree in dental hygiene. Accordingly, I attended Old Dominion University’s Intensive English 17458007_437149283292068_4676768254879415761_n.jpgProgram in order to fulfill my academic English proficiency that is needed to pursue my career. During that time, I was fortunate to have been taught by Ann Kumm, the most remarkably dynamic faculty in the program. In particular, she amended my listening and speaking skills for two sessions and my pronunciation skills for one semester. Indirectly, she was cultivating my academic growth as a future educator while I observed her teaching strategies and methodologies. Her class was exceptionally interactive with individual and group based approaches of learning. She shifted our way of thinking toward more critical and creative conduct, and she continually provided us with valuable feedback that was personalized for each student. Student engagement was an integral part in her teaching and learning dynamic, which was also reflected in her teaching materials and activities. Undoubtedly, she successfully integrates technology to incorporate deeper learning, and to encourage students to seek knowledge from different sources. Regardless of her students’ different nationalities, age groups, and backgrounds, her class management was flawless and impressive. She was always willing to devote her extra time to help, advise, and supervise students in need. Personally, I consider her as a mentor who helped me to map out my academic career, and specifically she enriched my understanding of the American academic culture.” Futun Alkhalifah, Dental Hygiene Master’s Student (Courses: Advanced II L/S, Graduate Bride Pronunciation)

Below are unsolicited comments about my teaching taken from emails received by students.  

“You’re the smartest and most qualified teacher I have ever had.” (ESL Student | Fall 2014)

“Your classes always really make me think that I need to study more and more to be an English teacher like you. Actually, since my major is English education, whenever I meet teachers in a new class, I tend to make a picture in my mind ‘what If I became a teacher like her or him?’ When I imagine my future, I feel like I need to study more and more to be a professional English teacher like you 🙂 .” (ESL Student | Fall 2014) 

“We were confused how to study things ” grammar” when we don’t know what subject or object means! Because of what you posted, we are able to understand for the first time in our life. Today, we didn’t have to spend 5 hrs only to memorize sentences or to reread grammar explanations over and over again! We appreciate that. Really, Thank you so much.” (ESL Student | Spring 2014) 

“I just wanted to say thank you, for everything. I learned more than I ever expected to learn, in your class, because I thought I knew all about Grammar already! Turns out I was VERY wrong and I’m happy that I took your class. It was fun, interesting, informative and you are such a knowledgeable and extraordinary professor. You are one of the most compassionate, empathetic, and best professors I have ever had the privilege of taking a class with. I hope you continue to teach at Old Dominion, I think you are an amazing asset to the university, and especially the linguistics department. You made me think twice about pursuing a career in psychology… almost. 😉 On a more personal note, I’m thankful you were so kind and understanding with my personal needs and attention with your class and the work. It certainly is not a responsibility to be so understanding, nor a requirement of professors, but you understood that we have issues, just like anyone else, and things can happen.” (ENGL 350 Student | Fall 2013)

“I just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome instructor! You took a subject that was so hard to understand and helped not only me but many other students understand it. “ (ENGL 350 Student | Fall 2013)

“I really enjoyed your class this semester. You’re definitely one of the best professors I’ve had here at ODU…I really got a lot out of this class and enjoyed it.” (ENGL 350 Student | Fall 2013)

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