Google Apps

INTERACTIVE, REAL-TIME SCHEDULES (a one-stop shop for students)

I typically have a limited amount of time to plan my course in advance and frequently alter lessons, which often makes neatly planned course schedules incredibly difficult to produce despite my best intentions. My solution is to use GoogleDocs to create real-time, interactive class schedules. Using both shared folders for handouts and documents, along with easily accessible links to supplemental materials, increases efficiency, engagement, and learner autonomy while simultaneously allowing me to easily collaborate on a range of assignments and projects with other level instructors. All I have to do is share the link!

Take a look at a schedule I maintained for session two of UP Listening/Speaking (highest level in our IEP). The textbook we use is LEAP Advanced: Listening and Speaking (Learning English for Academic Purposes) by Dr. Ken Beatty.


I use Google Slides in many different capacities ranging from presenting topics and assignments, to having students collaborate on their own. All slides you see below are ones I created.

Introducing a skill or strategy (e.g., “How to Read a Textbook”)

Reviewing present tenses in an advanced-level grammar course                            

Pre-reading activities and skills for a reading by Nicholas Gage                          



Some examples of the ways I’ve used GoogleForms in my classes are:

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